Rahma Anistia

Rahma Anistia is one of the few, that really knows something about me. I cant lie: lately, there has been lots of drama in my life. Anis is the only person who stood by my side. The only one who didnt judge, the only one who didnt take anybodys side and I am really thankful for that!

Yesterday we talked for 6 hours. I know that it is a bit hard to get close to me... as I tend to keep people at distance... but when it comes to her... I am not affraid to open up, I am not affraid to let her into my life... as silly as it sounds:)

Today, after had Mrs. Rasyidah Rasyid class. we spend our lunch time at DBC [Death by Chocolate] so many think that we shared. we had chocolate cake and lime squash and a lot of fun...:))
I hope that you guys had a nice day as well...

Adelia Tri

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