Hello world, It has been 2 years since my last post. So,i decide to back and post a great thing here.
I found Enriko Salim on my comment post. OMG, finally I got the news about him. that is You?? the real You??

This post gonna be different cause this is personal for my friends as part of my life.

Anita Herawati Permana, Isnie A.M, Vina Octaviani, Silvia Apriani, Angelica Loran Triana, Enrico Salim Gunawan, Rita Kartika Afriani, Windy Kristiani, Triani Setiawan, Sri Rahayu, Dina Setriana, Dini Setriani, Intan Desti Wiandini, Shindry etc.
Maybe it's a little bit too late but i just wanna say this! I hope our friendship can last forever. I make this post for you to say how much i care about you. Sorry for all of my mistake, sorry for my selfish, sorry for everything i've done in the past and make you upset.
I can't write a good word to show how much i care. I'm not a person who can show about my feeling. I'm not someone who can speak directly how much i love you guys. The important thing you're always in my heart. I'm sorry and i love you guys!

I always love all my friends even though we've rarely met and talked. All of you who was a best friend of mine.

I love you!

Adelia Tri

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