I thank You

“.. I know I'll see you again, whether far or soon, but I need you to know that I care, and I miss you.” -Incubus.

once upon a time, in a small class, on a cloudy morning.
a song and a voice singing through the lyrics, head moves through the rhythm.
the ticking clock running the seconds in circle.

thoughts and hope they remembers,

faith they holds on to.
smile, tears beneath the heart.
courage and strength.
another road to walk on by,

Someday, i will miss my morning routines. i don't mind getting up early to school, get on a public transportation, and walk by Jalan Palupuh every Monday and Friday morning, humming to my favorite song, explosions in the sky - someone hand in mine. it had always been repeated, every morning on my walk, and i never get bored of that anyway, i just couldn't get better.

i like hearing my students stories. they usually talk about boys or girls. some of them loves to stay and sit outside the class to see who's passing by. most of the girls catch up for the boys next to our class. i don't know why they get obsessed with those boys (cough), i look like as if i'm the listener, while i knew i wasn't just the listener.

i began to wish I will be a kind teacher for my student, i wished my days could passed twice, i wished the days runs slowly so i could really take my quality times with them, know them better, more understand them, and teach them well.

luckily i had good students in class, they helped me and cheered me up all the way at school.
I always missed them, right now, and I always do.

things changed a lot, and i learned a lot too.
the good sides, the bad sides.
i learned how to move on,
I always ask them to gave a comment, because what? I want to give them the best of me. i know Im far from perfect, but i always tried to give my best.
because in life, we will have to be able to move on at any situations. and this is life, it will never stopped moving forward. things change, and so do people.
it's in our own hands whether we could survive to change and keep moving, or to just live by the past without having the courage to walk through the path in front.
all we need is faith anyway,
then we'll be able to sincere to let go and to let things come.

[X-1, SMAN 7 Bogor, 2011]

seeing you all happy gives me the bliss :)
kalian adalah semacam keajaiban kecil yang juga masih saja membuat saya terkagum-kagum, setiap senin jumat, setiap hari, berkali-kali.
karena telah menjadi keajaiban kecil untuk saya

Adelia Tri

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