I've got so much to do recently, so I might be posting less here. but anyway, things are reaaaally really getting hectic these few days and I need a lotta scoops of ice cream, thousands of scoops I guess. haha but somehow, deep down I feel like I like it this way, I do feel a lot more productive and I'm getting used to it too, though sometimes I need to cool down for a while every weekend.
the thing that bothers me is I don't quite feel like I'm home even when I am at home. I think being alone makes everything much better. and I miss my time alone, because then I wouldn't have any boundaries on what I like doing. well people never get enough right. sometimes you want A instead of B and when you get this A, you're gonna be wanting back another B. grrrr.

how I miss mom in times like this, I just wanna be her little daughter every single day, although she sometimes annoys me, sometimes acts like a kid, she could always turn around very kind at once. especially when I'm having so much to do, she knows when to make her silly jokes or when to leave me alone. I know I moan all the time to her, but then I can take her for a lunch together and then we can tell stories to each other for hours.
If mom was here, I knew she'd tell me to stop being busy and sleep for a while.
but then she'd tell me to keep spirited.
yea I wanna be her daughter, and her one and only daughter.
I promise to take her to a spa as soon as she gets back home.

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