somehow, it looks all monochromatic
turns pale then goes brighter.
running in circles.

there's only a glass in between those movements.
you clearly see all what's inside but you keep staying in behind as if it is a place to live. what hesitates you, what seems to be hard for breaking over? then you shouldn't have lit through the glass with those light bulbs you've got, with a great courage.
with nothing in.

beautiful, beautifies.
lies over behind those crystal. how could i reach, how could i shine over. reflects me back and over again.

wait till the night comes,
see how everything turns magic. see how amazing the spells are.
fade away as soon as the Gold greets, beats the light. shone my crystal,
my glass window.

and all the movements, and all the explosions, and all those fireworks, those lights. it was all breathtaking. well whatever pays, it's really needed to put one in this room.
never do! I'm fragile

Adelia Tri

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