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(a study conducted in the first grade of SDN Leuwiliang 1 Bogor)

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A. Background of study
Nowadays, education cannot be separated from the use of technology. Computer applications, movies and the provision of internet for education are very easily accepted. Because of the current technology, people can learn not only through books but also through movies. When it comes to teaching English to young learners, some expert believe that tecnology for teaching English to children, is highly require. It is supported by Thornbury (2007: 176) who states, “Movies as one example of technology that is used for education can be more attractive for the children than books.” Through movies, children can see the action of the story to help them learn vocabulary.
Other examples of technology usage are radio and television. Both have supplied many advantages in education. It is because through television, children can get many information such as information about issues of the world and other knowledge. Television provides shows which can be used as a media for children to learn English. One of which is cartoon program.
In the classroom, teacher must try to avoid boring or over-theoretical or mechanical subjects, using cartoon that they love may arouse and stimulate them to learn English. Sometimes cartoon movie can do a great deal towards arousing interest among children. It would be vey good way to make them learn English. Almost all children like watching cartoon movie since they are interested in the stories and they get full benefit from it. Moreover, the introduction of cartoon movie into activity in the classroom can improve children’ habit and show that the language is not just as a subject of the study, but can be a source of enjoyment and recreation.
Sometimes, the students consider to face some barriers in learning English, for example, they find learning English as a torture, they consider English as a boring thing; they also tend to limit their memorizing ability when learning something that they dislike. Hammer ( 1991:7) noted in his book:
More than anything else children are curious and this is in itself is motivating. Because they lack of attention and concentration then adult they tend to seek teacher approval. They need activities that are exciting and stimulate their curiosity.

Hammer (2001:38) also added that because children give a good response when they are asked to use their imagination, they should be interested in activities like games, drawing, music, or making things because they like to discover something. Cartoons can be one of the best ways to keep children learning English, because cartoons program can provide what the book cannot provide, for instance: the animation, color, sounds, and actions that can be seen directly. Children from age five to seven like cartoon and full of curiosity.
Therefore, the cartoon program used in this research is Dora The Explorer. Dora the Explorer is an American animated television series created by Chris Gofford, Valerie Walsh, Rick Velleu and Erick Weiner. Dora the Explorer show is carried on the Nickelodeon cable television network, including the associated Nick Jr. channel. Dora the Explorer has been extremely successful and every child in America loves it, because it is designed to actively encourage laughing and learning. This is because, in each episode, Dora the Explorer teaches children basic-English words and phrases. Not only children can learn about how to observe situation and solve problems through her adventure in Dora the Explorer, but also they can learn about math, music, and physical coordination. For that reason, the writer chooses Dora the Explorer to help student learning English, especially in learning vocabulary.
Vocabulary is about words, where they come from, how they can change, how they relate to each other, and how we use them to view the world as Scrivener (1994:73) states:
“One of the elements of language to be learned is vocabulary. Through cartoons program, vocabulary is a very important and fundamental element in learning language could be learned”.

Vocabulary has powerful meaning, which explains that children as students will understand more about how to say or express something if they have vocabulary knowledge. Besides, it will help the children understanding the meaning of the words with strong relation to comprehension situations, including reading. In primary school, teaching English vocabulary with cartoon as a media for students is performed nowadays. The writer would like to study whether children’s vocabulary knowledge can be improved through cartoon program as their learning media.

B. Reason For Choosing the Topic
The writer want to investigate is 1st grade elementary school the useful Dora the Explorer as a media for students to learn English Vocabularies.

C. Aim of the Research
The aim of the study is to show how children’s vocabulary knowledge can be improved through cartoon program.

D. Limitation of the Study
The acquisition in my study is only limited to show vocabulary improvement through cartoon program (Dora the Explorer).

E. Statement of the Problem
Does Dora the Explorer improve the children’s English vocabulary?

Research Method
This study is classroom action research, the research procedure consist of the following show.






F. Hypothesis
There are a relationship between children vocabulary and TV cartoon program.

G. Population and Sample
This study will be conducted in the first grade of elementary school at SDN 1 Leuwiliang . The children age 5 to 7 years old.

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