the start has ended [part 1- prologue]

hold my hand. we'll walk down the slippery world and come out alright. as long as you're by my side

Rizky and Alya

Left- Rigth Sunu, me, is the leader of this class
Me and Rangga
Aul, Me, Kent
She is Kent
I adore this girl, she is Aul.

Aul and Wafa.

Once, in a brief journey, they walked beside me as we traveled the road together.

But at one point, the road became to narrow. So I decided to let them walk in front of me.

Maybe this not a rigth time for them to lead the way. But they walked too fast, and I could not follow them again. So, it’s OK if you can’t really lead, or can’t really follow.

I will always pray for you: that you will live a happy life, be blessed with lots of love, and have such a wonderful relationships along the way … and I hope you’ll remember this:
Yes, I do have beautiful old memories about you,
and I cherish those memories with all my heart,
and that you will always have a friend in me.

But then … there were times when the time suddenly faded away. It was like someone had scattered a magic powder and—puff!; everything was gone in less than a sec. Before I could even digest what have happened, the lights went out, the curtain closed, and I was forced to get off the stage.

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Unknown mengatakan...

It's nice to read.. good realistic..I like the slippery road analogy to life problems ..Good luck write more